tarm-sarm-headshotSometimes spelled Choy Li Fut, the Buk Sing lineage of Choy Lay Fut, founded by Grand Master Tarm Sarm, focuses on combat effectiveness, which has been proven in the streets, gong sau matches, and combat sports. Our forms maintain the circular beauty of traditional Kung Fu, yet coupled with the practicality and conditioning of combative realities. Toronto Buk Sing prides itself on offering traditional training, complete with body, forearm and fist conditioning. Sparring occurs at all levels, but is built up slowly as to maintain proper technique and form. Sparring involves no protection and no gloves, yet with mutual respect and a spirit of challenge and general safety. Sparring at our club is a must.

Each student at Toronto Choy Lay Fut Buk Sing trains at their own level and pace, with the ultimate goal of achieving quick and natural reflexes, a strong spirit, and a healthy physique. While small, our club is dedicated to creating strong fighters who are conditioned physically and mentally to whatever challenges may come. While many of our students are seasoned Martial Artists of varying styles, we welcome both beginners and advanced.


master-sifu-richard-leung-head-shotWe are honored to be under the guidance of Sifu Richard Leung, and hope that you come by to visit.