master-richard-leunch-head-shot-56x72Sifu Richard Leung, a third generation Buk Sing stylist, who developed his skills under the tutelage of Lai Chou. His experiences include bare-knuckle bouts and coaching in Hong Kong. His humble and vast knowledge of Choy Lay Fut Buk Sing is a benefit to all his students, and they work hard to acquire it. Our school is tough and demanding, and the rewards exemplary. We have no belt or sash system, we are here to simply train under his guidance.

Sifu Leung helped pioneer the art of Kung Fu in San Francisco, in the early 1960’s, and continues to be a true practitioner of the Art. He was a contemporary and friend of Bruce Lee, as well as David Lacey, one of the Black Panthers of Choy Lay Fut Buk Sing.